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Optimus Primal - Rasse: Cybertronier, Geschlecht: Männlich, Zustand: Am Leben. 15.11.2018 · I just free’d my Primal from his confines and when I got to the little Optimus Primal I was bewildered. Why use a pin where a clasp would have free’d the figure to be posed as Optimal Optimus and Optimus Primal separately. Really seemed to be a. IE The small Optimus Primal not having a beast mode. We can assume he will be painted correctly at least and will be another rendition of a "pre Earth" Optimus Primal, but it seems to be a wasted opportunity to give him a new altmode nobody wants. Optimus Primal. Robot Mode ‘I aint no stinkin ape!’ Optimus Primal looks quite good here, reasonably faithful to how he looked on the cartoon, though minus the hair, and very well proportioned. He comes with two guns instead of his signature swords, and though that is unfortunate it is forgivable. His backpack is fairly visible, personally. In the halls of the Athenaeum Sanctorum, Perceptor can only watch as Rodimus Cron blasts Grimlock into an info terminal and crushes Optimus Primal beneath falling rubble, only to be jumped by Windblade. She tries to appeal to her former comrade, but her words fall.

29.06.2018 · DNA Design DNA DESIGN DK-08 OPTIMAL OPTIMUS UPGRADE KITS For POTP OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Expected release in August [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]. 09.04.2018 · In POTP that version of Optimus Primal in that continuity is the chosen one and granted the Autobot Matrix of Leadership transforming him into a Prime the toy is branded Optimal Optimus Altered Prime, Apr 8, 2018 22. 03.03.2018 · Well, I do like the PotP Optimal Optimus outside of the Primal figure not having an ape mode, and I think he makes sense story wise as a character that has the potential to become a prime. But if I had known the Evolution gimmick was a thing during the poll, I would have preferred to have the Star Saber toy to come out with that gimmick. I. オプティマルオプティマスのpotp規格でのリメイクとしてはとても面白いものですが それだけに残念に感じる部分がちょっと気になるかなあ、という感じでした。 できれば赤くしてprimal prime プライマルプライムも出してほしかったですが.

Optimus Primal was a minor Maximal officer of little note who commanded the Axalon. When he received an alert about a fugitive Predacon ship, the Darksyde, he had the Axalon pursue it through a transwarp portal, eventually ending up on a primitive planet. Via TF-Factory on Weibo, we’ve got some images to share of the packaging for some future Power of the Primes releases. These images show the front and back of the box of Leader class Optimal Optimus aka Optimus Primal, who can store his matrix in the cockpit on his chest in a homage to the Beast Wars episode Optimal Situation.

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